Mansory Bodykit For Bentley Flying Spur
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Mansory Bodykit For Bentley Flying Spur

bentley flying spurmansory body kits
Including parts: front bumper,rear bumper,exhaust tips,side skirts,engine cover
Car Fitment: bentley flying spur
Style: Mansory Style
Fitment: Excellent Fitment
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Upgrade Mansory Style Car Side Skirts Front Bumper Rear Bumper Exhaust Tips Bodykit For Bentley Flying Spur 2017-2019 Body Kit

Product name

Upgrade Mansory Style Car Side Skirts Front Bumper Rear Bumper Exhaust Tips Bodykit For Bentley Flying Spur 2017-2019 Body Kit

Carbon Fiber+Fiberglass
1 Set
Shipment Terms
By Air/by sea/by land/by express
Stock products can be shipped once payment done; Nonstock products 7-15 days after payment
Payment terms
Via TT,Western Union, Alibaba online. Accept full payment in advance or 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment.
After-sales Policy
Any products related with Commas factory production quality will offer after-sales support
All products with carton and wood packing
OEM service
speciallized in OEM,ODM order based on clients' requirment


The Bentley Flying Spur Mansory edition features a striking automotive body kit that enhances its overall appearance. Crafted by Mansory, a renowned automotive tuning company, this body kit adds a touch of exclusivity and performance to the luxurious Bentley Flying Spur. Here are the English descriptions of the key features of the Mansory body kit:

1. Front Bumper: The front bumper of the Mansory edition Bentley Flying Spur is redesigned to have a more aggressive and sporty look. It incorporates larger air intakes and a prominent front splitter, which not only improves aerodynamics but also gives the car a more dynamic stance.

2. Side Skirts: The side skirts of the Mansory edition add a visual appeal to the Bentley Flying Spur. These sleek elements are designed to enhance the car's side profile, creating a more streamlined and powerful appearance.

3. Rear Bumper: The rear bumper of the Mansory Bentley Flying Spur showcases a distinctive design. It incorporates a diffuser element, which not only adds a touch of sportiness but also aids in better airflow management. The redesigned rear bumper integrates with the overall styling of the car, giving it a cohesive and luxurious look.

4. Rear Spoiler: The Mansory edition also features a rear spoiler that provides increased downforce and stability at higher speeds. This aerodynamic element not only enhances the car's performance but also adds a sporty touch to the overall design.

Exhaust System: The Mansory body kit often includes a high-performance exhaust system, which not only improves the engine's sound but also enhances its overall performance. The exhaust system may feature larger tailpipes or a custom design, further accentuating the car's sporty character.

It's important to note that specific details and variations may exist depending on the particular Mansory edition of the Bentley Flying Spur. Each edition may have its unique features and styling elements, but the descriptions provided here give a general idea of what to expect from a Mansory body kit for the Bentley Flying Spur.


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