CSSCAR ‘s team building activities strengthen its cohesion
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CSSCAR ‘s team building activities strengthen its cohesion

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CSSCAR ‘s team building activities strengthen its cohesion

CSSCAR team building activities strengthen its cohesion

     Last week, to celebrate the success of March EXPO, CSSCAR held an outdoor camping trip, which not only relaxed the staff after a long day of work, but also helped to build our domestic and foreign trade team. This not only helps to unite all departments of the company, but also provides us with spiritual motivation to carry out our work better.


     At the very beginning of the event, the boss led us to organize a game as the warm-up part of our team building today. Different groups needed to work together to better develop group cohesion. Every person actively participated and was full of smiles. These games let everyone talk spontaneously and bring each other closer in the whole process, which are opportunities for everyone's relationship to integrate gradually. Although the group building games are fun, they are also challenging and competitive, and the players in each group have to discuss and come up with ideas to unite closely together for the common goal.


     Later, the group that failed in the game challenge needed to perform a talent show, which also let us know that every employee of CSSCAR has colorful specialties in addition to their efficiency and ability to show their talents in their work. Such as singing, reciting poems, and  dancing, which brought a lot of happy experiences to everyone.


     After the game session, everyone also had their own free time. Some people were playing chess, some were playing mahjong, some were enjoying the beautiful scenery while chatting, etc. At this moment, everyone was very relaxed. At this moment, everyone felt relieved, which is not only a kind of relaxation, but also a good prerequisite for the follow-up of our efficient work.



    At the end of the day, it was time for a barbecue for all CSSCAR employees. Everyone was enjoying the beauty and happiness of the moment, and the atmosphere of barbecuing and having fun together was very interesting. Perhaps, behind the strength of an enterprise, it is inseparable to give humanized management to the staff and make them feel warm and happy, so that they will be more motivated to go forward side by side with the whole enterprise and bring thoughtful and considerate services to our customers.




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