CSSCAR’s Factory Tour ----to Learn About the Production of Dry Carbon Fiber Products
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CSSCAR’s Factory Tour ----to Learn About the Production of Dry Carbon Fiber Products

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CSSCAR’s Factory Tour ----to Learn About the Production of Dry Carbon Fiber Products

CSSCAR's Factory Tour —— to Learn About the Production of Dry Carbon Fiber

    Recently, CSSCAR went to the factory to update some new material and took many videos and pictures to provide more information and details about one of our company's factories so that our customers can have more understanding about us. For the production of our main dry carbon fiber body kits, it will also be reflected in this article.

    The production of dry carbon fiber products requires various steps and cannot be done without the division of labor in each department of the factory. A good dry carbon product has to do well in every process, whether it is in the pre-production, mid-production or post-production.

    First start to lay the carbon fiber fabric. Each piece of cloth should be well aligned with the grain of various angles, so as to ensure the flatness of the carbon surface. If the fabric is protruding or skewed, the product will not be flush with the grain after production, and the appearance and feeling will not be good, leading to an increase in scrapped products.


     Cutting around the excess edges is also necessary, in order to better facilitate the sanding and trimming after the production is completed.

    Then, the next step is to start prepreg, workers need to spray glue on the mold after the completion of the previous steps, lay the release cloth, lay the isolation protection film, lay the breathable felt, each step can not be missing. And then paste the sealing tape, ready for sending into the autoclave.

    Subsequently, the mold is sent into the long-term anaerobic conditions, that is, in the autoclave, under the conditions of high temperature and pressure, the product will quickly drain the glue, so as to achieve carbonization. So that the product will have higher temperature resistance and hardness.


    Finally, after the product carbonization is formed, the demoulding is started, so that a semi-finished product of dry carbon comes out. 


    After the semi-finished products come out, we need to use polishing machine to polish the edges. Because the products have been carbonized, so we need the polishing machine to trim over and over again. After polishing the edges and corners, the products can look less rough.


    Then water polishing is going on, and the workers need to go to polish the product while it is still wet. Because the surface is still a little rough when the semi-finished products are made,  it is time to go through the water polishing to make the products flatter and smoother.


    When the products meet the standard, we have to start spraying protective film.  This step needs to be repeated several times. Because after each layer of varnish is sprayed, we have to wait for it to dry before the next layer of spraying. The role of this protective layer is that it can strengthen the protection of carbon fiber, not to let the carbon fiber scratch, to extend its service life.

    The last step of production is buffing, which can improve the brightness of the product, look smoother, so that people can more thoroughly watch the carbon fiber layers and flatness, improve the beauty and texture of the product.


    The most important thing is that before each product leaves the factory, it is necessary to carry out quality inspection. CSSCAR's own professional QC team will check whether the product has a messy pattern, white dots, bubbles or scratches. If the problems only exist on the surface, the workers will do polishing again to repair; if there is a problem with the carbon fiber cloth, this situation should be re-produce. And that's why carbon fiber products are expensive.


    In general, CSSCAR always makes every product with sincerity. In addition to dry carbon products, we also have wet carbon fiber, fiberglass, PP materials for our customers to choose. Each product needs to be checked at every level before it leaves the factory. Therefore, the products can be handed over to CSSCAR with confidence.


    Guangzhou CSS AUto Accessories Co.,Ltd is a professional car modification enterprise that specilaizes in R&D high quality dry carbon fiber automative body components and sale of all kinds modification parts, such as body kitsm car bumpers, engine hoods, car spoilers, side skirts, interior trims and other car accessories.

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