Loading and shipment after CSSCAR signed a large order
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Loading and shipment after CSSCAR signed a large order

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Loading and shipment after CSSCAR signed a large order

Loading and shipment after CSSCAR signed a large order

    Recently, one of CSSCAR's long-term Indian customers placed a large order. After the production was completed in a fast pace, our business colleagues also assisted the workers in the warehouse with the subsequent packing, crating and shipping. This provided a firm quality assurance for the subsequent transportation.



   In the preliminary packaging, we will ensure the safety of the products to avoid damage in transit. We will use PE foam and bubble wrap for packing, then put them into cartons, and finally pack them with plywood boxes. So customers do not have to worry about the problem of broken products.


    For the way of loading and material, we can provide a variety of options, we have 40 feet tall container, and other sizes are also available for reference. For products with similar volume, they can be put together and go to hit the deck, thus saving more on shipping cost. Also, the space for placement can be adjusted to save unnecessary waste and loss.


    When all the essential work is done, our business colleagues also work together with the warehouse workers to lift the goods together to the container by forklift, manpower handling, etc.


    Our partners are willing to trust our products and order a variety of different accessories from our company, and we will definitely do our best to fill the needs of our customers and provide them with quality services. It is worth mentioning that there are many CSSCAR body kit accessories, and the wheels can also provide customization. 22-inch or 24-inch large size modified wheels are also loved by many customers.



    Finally, the packing and boxing of this large batch of goods were successfully completed, which is inseparable from the efforts of every staff. CSSCAR firmly believes that good quality and good service to build partners care, to achieve a win-win situation for the company and customers is the long-term plan.

    Guangzhou CSS Auto Accessories Co., Ltd is a professional car modification enterprise that specializes in R&D high quality dry carbon fiber automative body components and sale of all kinds modification parts, such as body kits, car bumpers, engine hoods, car spoilers, side skirts, interior trims and othe car accessories.


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